You only have 10 seconds to attract a new client so make it count!

We’d like to answer a few questions in regards to your business.

  1. What problem does your business solve?
  2. What makes your business unique?
  3. What are your current marketing strategies?
  4. Is your brand clear and consistent?
  5. What are your official marketing goals?

Our approach takes brand and business building deeper, asking questions whose answers can help define, strengthen and maximize your company’s image. From guiding ad design to determining social media tone to writing your news release pull quotes, Jo + Consulting gets to the point–delivering a foundational message solution that brings clarity to every aspect of your business-building efforts.

The Jo+ team generates creative ideas that go far beyond tactics and trends. We feel a responsibility to go further for women and our passion radiates through every idea we bring to the table. Clients task Jo+ with concepting multi-channel marketing campaigns, PSA’s, and video campaigns that are provocative and move people to action.

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