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IMG_6676.jpgI’m Laurin Jo Curtis, CEO + Creative Designer here at Jo + Consulting! We are a group of creative marketing and design consultants who strive to make your business profitable and aesthetically awesome! We have an impeccable eye for greatness and will always go the extra mile for your business! Some of our services include social media management, business branding, marketing, and even architectural designing. #WeGotYou

Ever since I was able to work, I have always had a love for business, but specifically entrepreneurship! While in retail, I really learned the true meaning of marketing and began teaching different selling tactics to my associates. While in college for architecture, we learned specifically about design and presentation; this was ESSENTIAL for any final presentation. Since then, I have taken over 40 business and marketing classes, and I am also working on my second master’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. #3DegreesHotter

Why should you have to worry about keeping track of your social media accounts, finding ways to market your product or service, AND finalizing your branding kit. Let us do all of that for you! Dozens of companies have trusted us to take their business to the next level, and we pride ourselves on that! So, if you need help with marketing, business branding, or even basic business fundamentals, contact us today for more information! #FocusOnWhatYouLove #TheBusiness

Our primary focus is to ensure you have all of the tools you need to successfully run and grow with your business; PERMANENTLY!

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Laurin Jo Curtis, CEO + Creative Director